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Welcome 2017!!

A New Year brings with it a sense of renewal and possibilities! And that is never more relevant than we think about our diving profession and our oceans. Each day when we load up the boat with our divers and head out for a day of underwater exploration, we never know what lies ahead...or in this case, below! What kind of magic will our oceans conjure up from the deep for us today? Part of the beauty of diving is never knowing what (or when) Mother Nature will surprise us. Today, our first dive of 2017, she gifted us a pod of Dolphin. In between dives we noticed a splash or two in the shallows and trained our eyes in to see what might be passing by...when what to our wondering eyes did appear? Eleven Bottlenose dolphin!!! After 20 years of Caribbean diving experience, the thrill never lessens to see these beautiful, intelligent, social animals. With hearts pounding we slipped in the water and watched with wonder as they passed under and around us. One even turned to look at us as it went by - a moment of acknowledgement that always, still, gives me goosebumps. And while we're not always so fortunate to have mammals or 'the big stuff' swim by us - there is always wonder to be found on our dives if you pay attention. Whether its a new fish behavior, the discovery of a species you've not noticed before, or even just the miracle that is the myriad of colors and patterns and textures that surround us underwater, there is beauty to be found in the details. No matter how experienced you are and how many dives you have under your weight belt, you can always renew your sense of wonder if you slow down and be present and attentive, and experience what is happening around you and unfolding before you. So, to our Flamingo Family ~ and really, once you step foot on board, you're family! ~ we wish you all a year ahead full of wonder and possibility. May you find ways on each of your dives to deepen your appreciation for your Mother Ocean, and renew your sense of amazement and commitment to cherish and protect her. Bring on 2017!!

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