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Women in Diving - Deb

Deb joined the ranks of 'Flamingo Diver' about 10 years ago, and we enjoy her annual visit to us every February! She loves the underwater world (almost as much as she loves Garth Brooks, right Deb? :) ) and is passionate about all creatures great and small, (read more below!) both above and below the water! She has been one of the lucky divers to see a Humpback Whale underwater with us, an encounter that sticks with you long after the experience is over. Deb is a confident, enthusiastic diver, with an understanding non-diving husband who knows that being underwater is her happy place and encourages her to keep up with the sport she is passionate about. See you next year Deb!

Name: Deb

Day Job: Speech-Language Pathologist in a preschool

Certification Level: PADI Open Water Diver

How many years i’ve been diving: 26

Favorite dive buddy: anyone that doesn't breathe a lot of air!

Do you own your own dive gear? Just mask, fins, snorkel, dive computer, wet suit and beanie

How often do you dive? 4 days a year

How long have you been a ‘Flamingo Diver’ We think its about 10 years!

My Favorite TCI Dive site is: Thunderdome

My Favorite thing to see on a dive is: humpback whales

Macro or Big Stuff? BIG stuff

Top of my marine life bucket list? dolphins

If i had one dive trip to choose anywhere in the world I would go: Australia

Favorite thing about the sport of diving: 2/3 of our would is under there...... it is so beautiful! Even though I have a whole bunch of heavy stuff strapped to me, when I am underwater I feel free and light. I feel like a fish!

Favorite dive moment to date: A humpback whale encounter, of course!!!!

What marine life environmental cause is near and dear to your heart (ie, plastic garbage, over fishing, captive mammals, whaling, shark finning or?) ALL of the things you listed. But if I had to pick one, it would be captive mammals. NO creature should be locked up, especially not ones that are free to travel over such vast areas. I once heard a comparison that being a captive whale or dolphin is like a human living their entire lives in an elevator. That is cruel and should NEVER be allowed to happen.

Diving is my happy place because: I love all creatures, great and small!

What else can you tell us about your diving journey to date? (any obstacles you’ve over come, what has surprised you, loved, etc): I was surprised at how much science there was to learn in class. I was also surprised at how quickly my skills come back each year. Within about 30 seconds of being in the water, I feel like I belong there again. It is tough being married to a non-diver sometimes, but I am grateful for his support. He is always willing to hang at the condo while I dive. He knows it is a once a year thing for me.

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