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Women in Diving - Sharon

Todays 'Woman in Diving' is Sharon! Sharon has been diving with us just a year, but her friends have been diving with us for about 21 years! (From our Cayman Days!). We're so glad Sharon not only joined them 'in life', but underwater too! She is such a lovely addition to the group and is another one of those great stories that began with "Scuba Diving was never something I thought I would do.." and ended with '"...its my new happy place" (Read more below!) Her '2nd Annual' scuba trip is fast approaching and we look forward to sharing some great underwater adventures with her very soon!

Name: Sharon

Day Job: Medical Administrative Assistant

Certification Level: Beginner

How many years i’ve been diving: 1 year

Favorite dive buddy: Dave (aka Scooby)

Do you own your own dive gear? No

How often do you dive? 1-2 times a year

How long have you been a ‘Flamingo Diver’? 1 year

My Favorite TCI Dive site is: Sandbore Channel

My Favorite thing to see on a dive is: All marine life is fascinating to me and love seeing new things on each dive. I love seeing turtles, dolphins, stingrays to name just a few.

Macro or Big Stuff? Macro

Top of my marine life bucket list? Manta Ray , Hammerhead Shark, Octopus.

If I had one dive trip to choose anywhere in the world I would go: Since I am new to Scuba diving and have only dived in Turks and Caicos there are many places to check out but there isn’t any one place that comes to mind at the moment. For now I love diving in Turks and Caicos and love Flamingo Divers. It was a great experience diving with a smaller and more personable Dive company for my first experience and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. They definitely spoil you!

Favorite thing about the sport of diving: It’s a whole new dimension filled with marine life and there’s no greater feeling than seeing a new species for the very first time. Scuba diving has definitely opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Favorite dive moment to date: I was on my first dive after getting certified and was a little nervous as to how I was going to do but when I saw 3 dolphins swim by me I think I was hooked. It was such an amazing experience.

What marine life environmental cause is near and dear to your heart (ie, plastic garbage, over fishing, captive mammals, whaling, shark finning or?) All of these are concerning to me and diving does make you more aware of some of the issues where it makes you want to do an act of good even if it’s a small gesture such as picking up ocean trash or donating.

Diving is my happy place because: Once you make that jump into the water you’re able to escape from reality and clear your head because you feel like your in another world. It’s my new Happy Place!!

What else can you tell us about your diving journey to date? (any obstacles you’ve over come, what has surprised you, loved, etc): Scuba diving was something I thought I never could do. As a kid I would never swim in anything but a pool. I always had a fear of what was underneath me. I’m so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and stuck with getting my certification.

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