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We have a new phone number! Call us at (649) 333-DIVE!!

Well, we thought it was about time that Flamingo Divers caught up with the times. And as long as we're talking about circa 2005, then we are sooooooo current! Yes, we have a new, mobile number to make it even easier to book your dives! But just so you know, we're still 'Provo's Little Dive Shop' (by design!) , so unless we can get cell reception underwater ~ god forbid ~ there are still times you'll find our voicemail when we are busy doing what we love to do (showing you the gorgeous reefs and walls of the Turks and Caicos)...or busy doing what we don't love quite so much (running errands, visiting gov't offices, standing in lines..) :) ! Reaching us by email is always a great way to enquire and exchange details for your dive reservation, but for those times when a phone call does best - pick up the phone .....(649) 333-DIVE !!

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