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Time to hang up the hats - for this season!

Well, it's time to hang up our hats until next season! (And maybe give them a wash!) As this season draws to a close we say a heartfelt thanks to our 'dive family' who return every year to share some laughs, some good stories, and their love of the underwater world with us. It may sound cliche, but spending time with you all is one of the truly great pleasures of our jobs, and we are grateful you keep coming back! And of course every season we make new friends, and love seeing new and repeat guests alike become fast friends on board. We'll be taking a little downtime as we finish up this season, sending the boat to the 'spa' and will start readying things for a great new season ahead! In the meantime we'll keep up with some posts to get our marine life fix!! We'll be checking in with emails for coming season reservations every few days - please bear with us! See you all soon! #grateful #turksandcaicos#flamingodivers #scubadiving

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