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Provo is open for business!

Its been three weeks since the passage of Hurricane Irma and one week since Hurricane Maria threatened Turks and Caicos….September 2017 will not soon be forgotten.

The good news is that while Maria gave Provo a ‘brush’, she generally did little damage other than slowing the progress for a couple of days from the recovery from Irma. This means that the ‘tourism infrastructure’ is ready to carry the islands through the coming season. Hotels, restaurants and tourism providers are reopening daily. Please bear in mind this is our traditional low season and many providers (like ourselves) and some restaurants and hotels close during this time, unrelated to the storms. Over the next few weeks you should see those providers also opening their doors.

With that said, its important to not minimize the needs on island to help families and communities that suffered catastrophic loss. Government, Military, local businesses and community members are working hard with relief efforts to assist those in need. I confess to not having the best answer of ‘how to help’ at this point - there seem to be so many great individual fundraising efforts, as well as some organizational-based ones, its hard to say ‘contribute here’ for fear that another’s efforts are not raising the necessary funds for their project. Please bear with us on this one…we will be back on island ourselves soon and will have a better sense of how we might direct our guests who would like to assist in some way. That said, should you find a cause/project/fundraising effort that calls to you, donate away!

Ultimately, the take away from this little update is to say that Provo is ready to rock in to the coming season, and one of the best ways you can help is to come on vacation to Turks and Caicos. Keeping the tourism economy going means that there are jobs and revenue generated to help fuel the recovery of those who need it most. In a nutshell - you are doing your part while relaxing and enjoying our beautiful beaches. Sounds like a win-win :)

See you on the Beach!

Grace Bay Beach, Sept 25/2017 - Brilliant Studios

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