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Hurricanes, Hips and Hotels ~ Oh My!

…and we’re off and running! There’s been a lot going on since the passage of Hurricane Irma in September, so lets get everyone up to speed!

Post-Hurricane(s) Update: The question on everybody’s lips is…how is the island and how are the reefs?! Lets start with topside! From a tourism standpoint, Provo was incredibly fortunate. With mostly new, well-built buildings, the tourism infrastructure was up and running in the blink of eye. Provo is unequivocally open for business, and ready to welcome you! There are still needs to be met amongst communities that were most affected and having the island ready for visitors means there are jobs (income) to help fuel the recovery of those with the most needs. The Caribbean in general is an incredibly resilient community, and caribbean wide there is a sense of coming back better and stronger than ever. The best way you can help? Book your trip! With the island dependent on tourism dollars, the best way you can help is come and see for yourself how awesome the island is!

The Reefs? Well, mother nature does what she does best and is already bouncing back. Visibility has been a little less than stellar on some days and our normal 'spectacular' on others, but our fish life is vibrant and plentiful. Just this week at French Cay we had Dolphin, Eagleray and Shark! West Caicos and Northwest Point suffered very little reef damages, with sponge life and soft corals intact, and all of our usual reef suspects are present and accounted for. We know there is a great diving season ahead! Check out this Video from West Caicos a few weeks ago

Our dive log is now updated with with current conditions so you can see for yourself how great the diving is!


Hips! As many of you know that Mickey had hip surgery this past fall (to coincide with Irma’s visit!). And for those of you that know Mickey, you’ll know he can be a bit of an over achiever as far as recovery goes….therefore, I am officially demoted from" chief sock-putter-on-er, shoe-tier, and general assistant"…… (there may be a glass of champagne in my future) :)



Harbour Club Villas: Harbour Club Villas are better than ever with shiny new roofs and Barry, Marta and Mike are ready to welcome guests with their wonderful hospitality as always! Check out their latest blog post here. And book your stay with them here!

Banyan Inn update: As you know - the property Flamingo Divers is located on sold this year and is in the process of a transformation into the Banyan Inn. We’ve seen the most recent drawings and its going to be awesome! Food, Accommodation and Diving! What more can you ask for! Amy and Randy, now officially arguing over International Hoteliers and Inn Keepers title, love to laugh as much as we do, so you are guaranteed a good time when they are open for business. We share the same philosophy ‘ arrives as guests, leave as family’ so this seems to be the perfect marriage of businesses :)

And, all of the Grace Bay Hotels are also open and welcoming guests!


In a nutshell - its pretty much business as usual….which in island language translates to sunshine, white sand beaches, and beautiful diving. Click here to see for yourself.... a beautiful shot from Brilliant Studios last month shows you just how stunning Grace Bay is! We hope to see you soon!

Jayne and Mickey

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