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Women in Diving - Karee

So many awesome women divers to introduce you to! Meet Karee! Karee and Page (previously featured) started diving with us 'a wonderfully long time' in her words :) She's a member of 'the girls' as we affectionately call them who board our boat once a year for a week full of laughter and diving. We love what she had to say about thinking she wouldn't be diving long when she first got certified - but now, 19 years later, centers her vacations around the underwater world. Diving's like that - once the bug gets you, there's no getting out! We hope at least one of her vacations a year keeps bringing her back to the beautiful waters of TCI!

Name: Karee

Day Job: Information Technology

Certification Level: Advanced Open Water

How many years i’ve been diving: 19 years

Favorite dive buddy: Page Porter

Do you own your own dive gear? Yes

How often do you dive? 3-4

How long have you been a ‘Flamingo Diver’? You tell us ;). A wonderfully long time

My Favorite TCI Dive site is: Sandbore Channel

My Favorite thing to see on a dive is: Dolphins

Macro or Big Stuff? Both

Top of my marine life bucket list? Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark, Humpback Whale

If i had one dive trip to choose anywhere in the world I would go: Because I haven’t been- Indonesia

Favorite thing about the sport of diving: The variety of marine life - big and small.

Favorite dive moment to date: Long, personal upcclose encounter with 2 Gray angelfish

What marine life environmental cause is near and dear to your heart (ie, plastic garbage, over fishing, captive mammals, whaling, shark finning or?) Shark Finning

Diving is my happy place because: ZEN - quiet.

What else can you tell us about your diving journey to date? (any obstacles you’ve over come, what has surprised you, loved, etc): It took 4 years to get over significant anxiety with finally clicked when I dumped some weight and mastered buoyancy control with advanced training. It’s like riding a bike—you only need to “get it” once. In the beginning I was sure I wouldn’t be diving long. 19 years later, all of my trips are centered around the beautiful underwater world.

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